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India Institute of Sanskrit yoga training, headquartered in India, Rishikesh, China headquarters was established in March 2012, the official certification system, India India National Institute of yoga teaching system, academic transmission system comprehensive inheritance of India yoga.

College through the development of full-time system of yoga courses, the comprehensive popularization of yoga theory and practice, the system of a comprehensive heritage of India classical yoga. So far, the cultivation and promotion of Sanskrit yoga has more than the tens of thousands of yoga instructors, their footprints all over the country more than 20 provinces and cities. These strict examination of the graduating students have begun to popularize the true sense of Yoga around, and has been recognized by society.

Since the country has more than 1 thousand yoga with Sanskrit teaching system, a close relationship. On the basis of the India Sanskrit professional yoga course development, many domestic and foreign well-known outstanding yoga instructors as the basis, to provide pure and effective yoga courses for Yoga enthusiasts. Sanskrit Yoga together with you, with the most ancient and the scientific method, self understanding, self awakening, deep exploration of the human potential, enrich the mind and its reflection, reflection of life. Enjoy peaceful and happy life. Yoga, the experience of five thousand years of history and cultural heritage of the treasures of history through the harmony of light, shining ancient wisdom, in the broader Chinese earth, people interpret the health and happiness......

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